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Some people online are just plain scary

Clearly I have nothing better to do. Okay, that's not true, but when I see stupidity online sometimes I just have to point it out, you know?

I know these 2 are nothing new (many of you know of the whole Stephanie Ware thing), but I just became re-aware of their existence (sadly) and I thought I'd point them out. I'm talking about Stephanie Ackles who is claiming to be married to Jensen and Bianca Padalecki who is claiming to be their daughter and married to Jared.

Um...yeah. Pardon me...

Either this is one person doing all of this or 2 working together. Either way it's buckets of crazy.

The Evidence:

:: First, the article both of them link to repeatedly to prove their stories are true? There's no author, it's not an interview with Jensen (as they claim), and there's nothing there at all to prove that any of it's true.

:: They repeatedly attack Danneel Harris and Jim Beaver for being fakes. One of them even claimed that Jim's Twitter account is really Dannel. [Riiiight. Because those pics Jim posts of himself? Those are really Danneel in incredible old-man makeup and a trucker hat!]

:: They're claiming that SPN is now being filmed in Jacksonville, Florida. They went so far as to point out the palm trees apparently visible in episodes have to be from Florida because palm trees don't grow in Vancouver. [Totally false, btw. Palm trees do grow in Vancouver. I've seen them. They grow here in WA too. They're the short kind. Any other palm trees, tall ones, you see? They're either CGI or there in stock footage.]

There's also this about that final scene w/the boys by the water in 6x03...

Did u supernatural fans see the last part when sam and dean was standing by the st.johns river?

St.johns river is the name of our river in florida. Did u fans see the bridge and buildings?

Uh, nope. Sorry Bianca, but I found that location and it's near New Westminster. It's on my Google Map of SPN Locations. I've been on that bridge you see in the background behind Jensen in that shot.

:: Bianca also says that next week's episode 6x05 is the wrong episode title. She's using the title for episode 6. *facepalms*

I could go on, but just check out their Tweets and you'll see the truth...err, not. *sigh* It's sad that Jensen, Jared, Danneel, Jim, even Clif have to put up with anybody like this. I wish Twitter would just ban them already. Looking through their Tweets makes me think these are some scary stalkerish fans, or at least people with some serious mental issues. There's fantasy and then there's reality and people like this have obviously lost the ability to discern between the two.

Oh, and I found another one (http://twitter.com/#!/real_jasonmanns). Not the real Jason Manns btw, as they claim to be. This is the real (http://twitter.com/#!/jasonmanns) Jason Manns. Anyway, this faker has also been attacking Jim Beaver, calling his Twitter account a fake. You gotta love how the fakers try so hard to out the real people on Twitter, claiming they've reported them to Twitter and the FBI. LOL Ooooh....I bet Jim Beaver is quaking in his boots at that one! Funny how the real Jim Beaver and Jason Manns post lots of pictures, many of them of themselves or sometimes of Jensen (in Jason's case) and the fakers never post anything like that. Hmmm...

Edit: I got to looking at Bianca_Padalecki's Twitter again. She says she's Jensen's daughter, right? She's supposed to be 20 years old. She's got 90 in her Twitter username-whatever, which means she was born in 1990. Jensen was born in 1978...which means he was only 12 years old in 1990. Oh, yeah...Jensen's her father...riiiiiight. *snorts*

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