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New Header & Mood Theme

Felt like it was time for a change again and that I could finally give up my Jensen VanCon 2010 header. Heh.

This one is still Jensen, but I don't think I've used it yet. I like the cool effect I got on this one in Picnik. Had to re-save it, in fact, because PB degraded the quality of the jpg. Good thing I still had the original backed-up on my flash drive. ;) This is the newly saved png version. I like my text to be nice & clear, not all blurry and muddy thank you very much PB. Pbbbbt. :P

raloria raloria raloria

I might change this again next week for something more SPN-Halloweenish. We'll see.

Changed the Mood Theme, too. That old blue one that's still a favorite. ;)

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