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Quickies 18 - Flist Edition

:: Creative Brainstorm
Last night as I went to bed, I got this infusion of ideas into my head. I realized I wanted to get back to drawing, especially with charcoal, which is a favorite of mine. Luckily, I can still get to my art class supplies, even though they're partially buried in a room. I've already got some ideas. Also decided I wanted to stretch my writing and try my hand at some drabbles or ficlets. This all came at me so fast, that I actually got out of bed to quickly write all of my ideas down.

I've already written my first ficlet & I'll be posting it this evening. ;)

:: The elderly can be frustrating
My aunt, mom, & I went to visit my grandpa yesterday and we had a nice time, but OMG that man can be exasperating! He's got some really bizarro ideas about how doctors are. He seems to think that he doesn't have to contact the doctor and tell him he's been having trouble with his left knee, that he fell on it before he ended up in the hospital over the summer. Why? 'Cause his doctor should know all that from looking at his info. on the computer. Grandpa: "He's got my number, he can call me." The impression the 3 of us got is that he expects his doctor to be a mind reader, that his doctor is going to call him and check up on him! *facepalms* Um, no. We tried to explain that he has to call his doctor and let him know something is wrong. He also told us how he basically insulted his doctor the first appointment he had with the guy. Gee, and he wonders why the doctor isn't too concerned about him? Sheesh. We went 'round and 'round with him on this, but my grandpa is very stubborn. Gah! Doesn't help that he can't hear well and contradicts himself all the time. So crazy having conversations with him. *sigh*

:: Hate the cold!
I really do. Once we get into fall and winter I just wanna hibernate, be somewhere warm, and not come out until the spring. LOL The temps are dropping and I keep jacking up the heat in the house. I know it's not the greatest thing to do and our heating bill will suffer for it, but once you put on all the layers you can and you're still cold, you gotta do something, right? It's not even all that cold, really. Highs in the 50s, lows in the 40s or high 30s. From what they're saying we're in for a rough, cold, wet winter. Could mean snow, even in the lowlands...oh goodie.

:: My other Tumblr
I've held off posting about this, but I finally decided what I wanted to do with my first Tumblr account. Originally I was going to use it to showcase my photos, professionally, but I found a better site to do that. Instead, this one will still be for posting my photos, but for fun. So I thought I'd share the link to this Tumblr with my flist, in case any of you want to follow me.

So I have 2 different Tumblr accounts. Feel free to follow me on either or both:

My Photography Tumblr: Visual Passion (only for my LJ flisters)
My SPN/Jensen fangirling Tumblr: On The Road To Shambala (public)

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