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Fanfic: SPN "Pilot" Ficlet: "Pull"

Thought I'd challenge myself and break out of my comfy fanfic-writing box and try my hand at some drabbles and ficlets.

My plan is to write a drabble or ficlet for each SPN in order. I'm really unsure if I'll be able to make this work, so...please be kind. :)

Title: Pull
Word Count: 197
Summary: Dean thinks about Sam before heading back to his apartment.
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Eric Kripke owns Sam & Dean. I just enjoy borrowing them every now and then. ;)
Notes: This is kind of taken from the deleted scene for the Pilot, but expands upon it, giving more insight into Dean's thoughts after dropping Sam off.

Btw, I don't have a beta and any mistakes are purely my own.

Dean drives the Impala away from Sam's apartment. He meant it when he told his brother that they made a hell of a team. It had felt good to be together again, hunting like they'd done before Sam had left. Before Sam had abondoned his family for the normal life.

Okay, fine. Sam made his choice and he's still wanting to be a lawyer and have a girlfriend. Dean could deal with that, but now that his dad had left, too he found he didn't like hunting on his own. He missed his family.

Maybe I can go back in a few days. Convince Sam that he's a hunter after all.

Dean considers it, then pushes it away. Sam seems happy with his life. Why should he take that away?

The low-volume radio in the dash starts to squak with static and Dean gets a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach. Maybe I shouldn't have left him so soon? Something he can't really describe is pulling at him, making him worry about Sam. Can't be a coincidence.

He turns the car around on the highway and heads back to Sam, hoping his feelings are wrong.

So, what did you think? My Crazy Muse is curious...oh, and she still likes cookies. :P

Tags: crazy muse, fanfic, supernatural
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