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Mom Mini-Update

Had another check-up with the doctor yesterday.

Bruising is pretty much gone, though the swelling is up. This is normal, btw. The doctor says when you take something out of the body, it replaces it with fluid. Mom said she didn't see where the antibiotic did anything at all and that the swelling reminded her of when I was a baby and her breasts would be full and hard because of all the milk in the mornings before she breast fed me. So the Dr. offered to drain the breast of the fluid and mom said, "Sure!". The Doc took a ton of fluid out (using a bunch of syringes) and the breast looks a bit better and mom says it's more comfortable. :)

The doctor is sending a sample of the fluid to the lab to check it, just to be sure there's no infection. If the redness on the breast gets worse, we're supposed to let her know, but other than that, we're done with going to see her. Now we need to contact the Radiologist and the Oncologist for her treatment.

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