raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

The end of another LJ Comm

As if my crappy day couldn't be any worse, I'm deleting my 2nd LJ comm tonight.

spn_westcoast will be no more, come SPN's showtime PST.

There has hardly been anyone participating in the episode discussions each week since S6 began. I suspect the change to Friday night's messed up a lot of people's viewing habits and they now either watch it after Friday night or online or on a east coast feed. The past few weeks there's only been about 4 of us at the most, discussing the episodes. I can't justify keeping it up anymore, so I've made my final post there and I'll shut the place down in a couple of hours.

Somehow I can't help but feel that I'm not meant to create LJ communities on my own. After tonight the only ones I'll still have are the couple I run with others.

I'm also planning on deleting my filmmaking LJ, scriptgoddess, in the very near future. I haven't updated it in ages and without any job in the film industry (and no opportunities on the horizon) I don't see the point in keeping it around either. It was a nice idea, but as I suspected even when I started it, keeping track of more than one LJ is too much for me. From now on, anything filmmaking related will be posted here. It's a simpler way of doing things.

scriptgoddess won't be deleted tonight. Just thought I'd let everyone know of my plans for it.

Yeah...crappy day is crappy. :(

Tags: emo, livejournal, my lj comm
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