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Walking: Aiming for 2 Miles

I came close today. :)
It was sprinkling when I headed out and soon turned into a steady rainfall, but I had my jacket w/a hood on, so I was okay. Then it eased up again. Ah, Washington. Pushed myself, since I felt I could. Took the big loop w/the hill, circled back through the small loop back around to the big loop and then took the medium loop back to the big loop again w/the hill. I know that makes no sense to anyone, but it does to me. I just hope if I look back on this entry later on I'll still know what the heck I did.

Stats from MapMyWalk.com:
Miles = 1.78
Time = 33 minutes
Calories = 163

Tags: one foot in front of the other, real life, walking
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