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First Impressions: 6x05 Live Free Or Twi-hard

Look! Doing a review on time...sorta.:P

In a nutshell: Dean gets turned into a vampire & Sam just watches as it happens. WTH???

Hope you enjoy the caps and my thoughts on the fifth episode of the season. :D

Since I closed my West Coast LJ comm, I was able to take notes during the episode live, like I used to.
(--------------) Signify commercial breaks.

Jensen does the "SPN is next" voice-over again. That never gets old. :)
Then: Gordon, Fresh Blood, Campbells, what's wrong with Sam?

Kristen....LOL I haven't even seen Twilight and this is funny.

Oh, he's back...."I shouldn't be here." And yet you are, dummy. :P
OMG The dialog alone....LMAO "You should run...now."
Ooooh fangs.
"I'm just scared I'm dreaming and I'll wake up in Math class."
Run girl, run fast.

Aw, Dean called Lisa. And she misses him....awwww. Sweet. :)
Ice cream comes in lots of flavors....LOL Oh, Dean.

Hee! Her bedroom.....
LOL Their reactions to her desktop wallpaper.

Dean: Look at this. He's watching her sleep. How is that not rapey?
Sam: I gotta concentrate here, Dean.
Dean: "He could hear the blood rushing inside her. Almost taste it. He tried desperately to control himself. Romero knew their love was impossible." Romero? Really?
Sam: Dean, shut up.
Dean: This is a national bestseller. How is that possible?

Yeah, that's what a lot of us ask ourselves, Dean.

Love the scream effect whenever Sam puts in a wrong password.
Dean: Hey, try Lautner.
Sam: Wait, he's a werewolf. How do you even know who that is?
Dean: What are you kidding me? That kid's everywhere. It's a freaking nightmare.

Hmmm....Blood Bank van robbery.


Heh. Bet this was filmed in the Gastown area.
Boys at the bar....aw, at Dean wondering when the last time he and Sam had a beer together.
Efron & Bieber....LOL!
Boys, you know it's bad when you split up....sheesh.
Ooooh....slice! That was easy for Sam.

Dean: What are you 12? Are you wearing glitter?
Fake Vamp: I only do it to get laid, man.
Dean: Does it work? (fake vamp nods) I'll be damned. Alright, "MMMBop" your way out of here. Go! And use a condom!

LOL at that dude calling Dean pretty. Too true!

Aw, damn. Dean goes flying.
Sam! Do something!!!!!!! He smirked!!!! What the...????

Sam, seriously, that was a half-assed attempt at at killing that guy. WTH?????
Poor Dean....the writers really like to make him suffer. Not that I blame them...heh. ;)


Aw, man. Poor Dean is suffering from sensory overload.

He can hear Sam's heartbeat. Cool.
"Newsflash Mr. Wizard! Vampires pee!" LOL

Ooooh.....he's getting fangs.
Aw, Dean....so angsty in the bathroom mirror. *loves*

Ooop. Dean escaped.

And he has eyes on Lisa while she's sleeping. Kinda creepy.
Dean you so cannot handle this.

Lisa: What's going on?
Dean: It doesn't matter. But I need you to know, you and Ben, just... thanks, okay? For everything.
Lisa: Dean, you're scaring me.
Dean: (whispers) Oh, God, I'm Pattinson.
Lisa: What?
Dean: Nothing, I gotta go.

The body slam against the wall? *guh* Hot! Love how he almost kissed her, too.

Oh, no Ben!

Samuel's here....and Dean's back and not looking so good.
OMG That look he gives Sam and Samuel. *guh*

Samuel can save him....yay!

"An old Campbell recipe, kinda like the soup." LOL
Heh. Sam's a hamburger. :P
Weird. Samuel says Sam knew about the cure all this time. Sam denies it.
Samuel: What the hell is wrong with you, Sam?
Sam: What do you mean?
Samuel: You knew about the cure.
Sam: What? No I didn't.
Samuel: No, we talked about it months ago.
Sam: Not me. It must have been Christian or something.
Samuel: Huh. That's strange, cause if you had known, it'd be almost like you let him get turned. Get a man on the inside, help us find that Alpha Vamp we've been looking for.
Sam: You're serious? You think I'd do something like that - risk my own brother? What's wrong with you? ... Look, I'm just relieved we can fix him.

He also denies letting Dean get turned to use him for bait. Liar!!!! Liar who lies!!!!
Oh, Sammy....what is going on? :(

Dean sneaks into the vamp nest.
LOL Fist bumping with Robert.
Resist Dean....resist. Just say no to the bag of blood.

I like this set! Looks familiar too....Dark Angel?

Gettin' too close there Hairy. Creepy.

Dammit. Dean got caught.
Ok, WTH. They're all collapsing!

Whoah....trippy dreams.

Uh, oh.....they're after him.
Oh, nice decapitation! Sweet! Buh, bye Robert.


The Impala's lonely for Dean. Can't you tell?

Yikes! Vampire crashing in on the van.

Ooooh. Love vamp-killin' Dean. *guh*

He's pretty even when he's bloody...just sayin'.
Get him, Dean!

Lots of dead bodies...
Heh. Define okay, Sam. Nice rack focus shot here, btw. *iz filmmaking geek* :P

Heh...wow. Dean and his head trophy.

Sam's heartbeat is too loud for Dean.
He wants the cure NOW.

Ewwww. That's some nasty vomiting there.
Yeah, this cure is all kinds of not pleasant.
Let the trippy flashbacks begin. Oh, he saw Sam just watch him get turned and smirking. Uh, oh....


Nice start w/Dean's perspective and the door opening.

OMG Henley! *loves* :D

What's with Sam and all the weird questions? How does it feel? What did you see? So out there.

Dean did learn some things though....what the vamps plans are....What the Alpha's plans are.....and humans don't scare them anymore. Uh, oh.

Dean tries to call Lisa and she's not there.
"No matter what happens I can always count on you, right Sammy?"

Yeah, Sam...somehow I don't believe you and I'm sure Dean doesn't either.
And there's the doubt again on Dean's face....stronger than ever. *sigh*

Hitting the Highlights:
* Don't you have to actually ingest a vampire's blood to become a vampire? It looked like Dean really didn't swallow or anything. Hairy dude just smeared his wrist across Dean's mouth and that makes him a vampire? Just sayin'.
* Still...Vampire Dean was the hottest thing ever! *GUH*
* What was with Aurora, IL circled on the maps in Dean's trippy dream? Is that where the Alpha Vampire is?
* I actually kinda liked Samuel in this eppy. Sure didn't expect that to happen. Now we know that he's questioning Sam's behavior too.
* So Sam knows about the Alpha creature hunting.
* Is Lisa scared off by Dean's vampire visit? I don't think so. She knew something was going on, but not what and it's not like she's new to the whole "knowing a hunter" thing. Besides, it's not like Dean really tried to get in contact with her afterwards. He could've left a longer message, but chose not to. Probably figures it's best to give her some space. I'm hoping it's not the last we see of her & Ben though.
* I want answers to what's going on with Sam. This has gone on long enough. At the same time, I'm sure the writers are happy that the fandom is right where they want us...frustrated and wondering. :P
* This is the eppy they were filming during VanCon this year. Hee!

Vamp!Dean can bite my neck anytime. *g* Big thumbs up! :D

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