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FanFic Ranty McRanterton

Tried to post this last night, but my internet went out on me.

Been reading a lot of SPN fanfic lately. (Ok, honestly, when don't I?) :P

Pardon me while I rant a bit...

* One fanfic, which was awesome and angsty & full of the hurt/comfort that I love so much...left me empty when the ending fell totally flat. I wanted a resolution and there wasn't any. No nice, "this feels like an ending" moment. A final scene with Dean and Cas (who was barely in the fic to begin with) and "The End". Wha???? o_O

* Great hurt/comfort author. Love her stuff, but is it possible for her to finish a fic before she starts a new one? I don't know how many of her stories have been left in limbo. Many of them are really very good, but they've been left unfinished for a couple of years now. I highly doubt she'll ever return to them.

* Another author...well I can say they tried. One thing that will turn me off a fic is if the characterization of the boys is off. Dean sounded more like a despicable younger Bobby. He was so obnoxious I didn't finish reading the 2 fics I'd printed out. And Sam, who was better represented, seemed to shout nearly all his dialog. There were exclamation points at the end of nearly every line of his. There was also too much of him calling Dean "bro". Once or twice is fine, but you can tell from the show that they don't use it that much.

And while I'm ranting...a few fanfic pet-peeves:

:: Dean calling Sam "Samantha". Ick. Please...don't.
:: Anyone calling Dean "Deano". Again...just don't.
:: Mixing up breath (as in "To take a breath") with breathe (as in "I wanted to breathe in some fresh air.").
:: Overuse of phrases such as "let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding" and "sadness (or pain, heat, or whatever) coming off of him in waves". Ugh. If I had a dollar for every time I've read these in fanfics I'd be rich by now. That 2nd one shows up in practically every single story I read. No joke.
:: WIP that are obviously abandoned.
:: Using hotel instead of motel. Hotels are fancy and expensive. Motels are on the lower end of the lodgings chain.

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