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SPN S2 DVD Screencaps: 2x01 In My Time Of Dying

Time to start posting my S2 screencaps at long last. I'm still capping this season, but I have enough done to start sharing.

Per my new self-imposed rule, there will only be up to 10 sample caps per post. If you want all the caps, grab the downloads. ;)

The Facts:
::: Resolution = 853 x 480
::: Cap Total = 810
::: Sample Caps = 10
::: Caps created with VLC Player
::: Caps fixed with IrfanView
The Rules:
* All caps made & fixed by me.
* Credit me, raloria, please when taking/using.
* Comments are ♥. :D

Note: Sometimes the download links for MediaFire will not work. THIS IS TEMPORARY. Please give it another try or two. If there's still a problem, let me know. Thanks!

Download both folders to get all 810 caps:
SPN 2x01 DVD Caps by Raloria - Set A.zip - 83mb
SPN 2x01 DVD Caps by Raloria - Set B.zip - 78mb

Tags: spn s2 screencaps, supernatural
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