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SPN 6x07 Promo Caps

The latest promo was so fast I decided to get a HQ download and cap it if only to get a good idea of what was really shown.

I got just about everything, including (again) the sexy new bumpers of the boys. *g* Can't resist those.
There's 24 caps in all and posted here full-sized at 853x480.

Beware of spoilers & speculation within. ;)

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Same motel room as in 6x06, last night's episode.

Poor Sam's face. :(

"Unpleasant"? I'd say it's a bit more than that, Cas.

Poor Sammy. Owie.

So we have an answer. Sam has no soul.

Ooooh Dean...getting rough with Christian. *guh*

Check out the blood on Dean's neck. What's happened to him now?

Now the boys are going after Samuel and Christian. Hmmm....

Castiel is in this shot, too. What's up with Samuel slumped against the fencing and clutching his arm? Looks like maybe Cas has his sleeve turned up? Did he reach inside Samuel and check him for something? Is that what he did to Sam in the first few caps, too? Kinda looks like it.

Oh, dear...Sam's getting strangled again.

It's the Alpha Vampire dude! Uh oh!

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