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Holiday Cards

Time to get started on mailing out cards to my beloved flist. :D

I'm trying to get the word out a little sooner this year because I know it takes some time for the international cards to reach their destinations. I've already got some cards, but I'm still looking for more.

I can send E-cards or regular mail cards.

Comments to this post are screened, but you can also PM or email me the info.
If you want to send me a card, just let me know in your comment or a PM & I'll PM you my addy & email.

Handy-dandy form:

Yep, I've got some wallet-sized prints from VanCon 09 & VanCon 2010 that I printed out for my scrapbook project and won't be using. So I'm offering them to all of you (if I send you a regular card). ;)

Thank you my friends! Looking forward to sending lots of great cards out across the miles. :D

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