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A little desktop embellishing

While my mom's been more gung-ho for Christmas this year, I've been more hesitant. Heck, she started playing the music in the car on November 1st! This, from a woman who is usually all Mrs. Scrooge. It's weird and I'm trying to get used to it.

We've already started searching the stores for cards and decorations. This is also unusual for us, as we normally wait until after Thanksgiving when the supplies are kind of picked over and hard to find. It is nice to go in a store and see lots of choices. I can see now where shopping early is a plus.

Anyhoo, tonight I decided to sort through our light situation, which is a mess from last year. Inspired by pics I've found through Tumblr, I decided to put a string of twinkle lights around my computer desk. We've got all these light strings that we're not using anymore, so I figured, "Why not?"

I also put an old thin string of garland across the top. Not sure if it's festive or pitiful. lol Overall it might be a little haphazard, but maybe it'll put me into more of a holiday mood.

Tags: holidays, personal photos, real life
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