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SPN S6 Dean Sam Ad Video & Caps

Edit: I'd like to apologize for mislabeling this as a bumper. It is not. It's simply an ad, a commercial. In my haste to post this online, I equated it with the real S6 bumpers (the images of Jensen & Jared by the window, Jared in the chair, Jensen on the floor). Those ARE bumpers because they 1) Announce the upcoming promo before the commercial break and 2) Close out the next week's promo. Sorry for the confusion. I can't change the mistake in this post (renaming) without a lot of trouble, so I'll merely rename the youtube video & parts of this post (not the files).

Thanks to a heads up from the wonderful txgirl0302 about this ad airing during Thursday night's The Vampire Diaries, I recorded the hour and got it on the DVR. Woot! It's awesome!!!!! Luckily converting it turned out to be a breeze, so here are the videos and the caps. Enjoy! :D

I've got it up on youtube in HQ, too. ;)

SPNDeanSamBumper.mp4 4mb 640x360 via SendSpace
SPNDeanSamBumperHQ.mp4 11mb 1280x720 via SendSpace

14 Caps: 1280x720

:: Please don't hotlink
:: Please credit me, raloria if you take, use, repost the caps
:: Comments are ♥ :D

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