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I haz a new Tumblr!

Not sure if these late-night sparks of inspiration are good or not, but I've had another one. :P

I've created another Tumblr for SPN's filming locations: Supernatural On Location

I know what you're thinking...I already do this here on my LJ. However this is going to take the locations one by one, by scene (based on what I know). Each one will have a cap of the scene along with a Google Street View image of the location and an embedded map to my SPN Filming Locations Google Map.

I've already got a location from last week's 6x08 posted! So be sure to check it out and follow if you're on Tumblr. :D

Remember I also have my regular Tumblr to follow too: On The Road To Shambala A heads-up - I tend to post fanart there that I don't post here on LJ. ;)

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