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Time to vent a little

Is tired posting like drunk posting? If not, then it probably should be. I hate doing this, but...I need to unload a little and I'm tired.

This week and the next, which once had only a couple of things going on has now become much more busy. Thing is this might be the new norm depending on how things go.

Let's back up a little...

Monday, Nov. 15th -- Mom & I went to the offices of the oncologist and the radiologist that her breast cancer surgeon recommended. We made appointments with each of them: On Wed. Nov. 17th for the radiologist and on Dec. 2nd for the oncologist (that's the soonest we could get in to see him). She has this whole packet of paper work to fill out and turn in for the radiologist appointment today. ALSO, the big windstorm hit this night and our power went out for 8 hours. Goodie.

Tuesday, Nov. 16th -- Mom, my aunt, & I went up north (an hour's drive) to visit my grandpa. It's really something to be with 3 people who all can't hear very well. I mean, we spent nearly 2 hours talking about cell phones! When you've got a stubborn 94 year old trying to figure out technology and not really getting it, it can be a little frustrating. Anyway, we didn't get home until after 1 a.m.

Wednesday, Nov. 17th -- Mom's appointment to meet the radiologist is at 1:30. Hopefully, she can get all that paperwork filled out before we leave. Ugh. She struggles with this sort of thing, always worried she's not answering correctly.

Thursday, Nov. 18th -- My aunt asked if I could take her to a doctor appointment on this day at 5:00 p.m. So that sure breaks up my day, plus, mom & usually use Thursday's for our weekly shopping/errrands. Not sure what that means for this week. We haven't even had time to discuss it.

Friday, Nov. 19th -- Nothing's been mentioned about this day...yet. I'd sure love to be able to stay home, relax for once all week, and maybe, possibly, get my 6x07 & 6x08 reviews posted before that night's new eppy airs. *sigh*

Saturday, Nov. 20th -- Again, nothing's been mentioned for this day. I'm hoping I can stay home. I've got a counter full of dishes to wash, so I can't say, I'll really have it off if I am home.

Sunday, Nov. 21st -- I need to help my aunt put new sheets on her big bed. She can't do it by herself. This might also be my chance to catch up on the huge backlog of TV shows that I need to watch from this week: Castle, Lie To Me, Parenthood, Hawaii Five-O....and that's just the list I've got so far today.

Monday, Nov. 22nd & Tuesday, Nov. 23rd -- One of these 2 days we need to take the car in to get new tires put on. The ones that came with the car are showing significant wear and with the icy, snowy cold winter they're predicting for us, we need to be ready. This means several hours out of our day, whichever one is the one we use.

Wednesday, Nov. 24th thru Friday, Nov. 26th -- On Wednesday the plan is for mom & I to drive up north again to my grandpa's place to pick him up and drive him back down to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving. He was going to drive himself, but at 94 years old, no way do I want him driving that distance. I just hope he waits for us. We had a similar plan for last year and then he ended up beating us to it and driving down himself! *sigh* We'll then take him home probably Friday. Ugh...busiest shopping day of the year? I normally stay home on that day. Not looking forward to that traffic nightmare.

So there it is...my life at the moment. I kinda feel bad for even complaining about it 'cause I know there are others who are far worse off and more stressed out, etc. I just don't know what's ahead with my mom's treatments and how we're going to manage that with the holidays and bad weather all coming at the same time. What kind of a schedule are we going to have? We've heard the radiation treatments are daily....ugh. That won't be easy for her or for me.

Then there's the addition of being the transportation for my aunt (cause her driving's not the greatest, especially after dark) and helping her out from time to time. Reminds me....I still need to put in a new light bulb for her back patio. She even asked me tonight..."Did you ever think you'd be taking care of your mom and me like this?" I said..."No." 'Cause seriously, I couldn't have seen this coming. I figured I'd be taking care of my mom & dad, really. Now it's switched to my mom, aunt, and sometimes my grandpa. Meanwhile, my cousins (my aunt's kids) are busy with their own lives and work and we barely ever see them, and I'm basically helping to take care of their mom. Yeah, maybe a tiny bit of resentment building there. I can't help it. Not like I'm getting any help from them here while I look after "elderly central". Sometimes, I feel like I'll never be able to hang out with people my own age again. I'm beginning to really miss going to college. At least then I was with people who were around my age, younger, and older. It was a nice mix. I sure don't get that now.

I keep wondering, with the situation I'm in right now...how am I ever going to get a job? If there's any out there to get, that is. If I'm bussing my mom and aunt around when am I going to have the time to work in a job? I can't see it happening right now, though I do need one. I guess I'll know more once we have a plan for her treatments. It's just this week has hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm trying to find a way to make it all work while looking ahead.

Okay, I think I'm done. I'd better be, I've gotta get to bed and get up early this morning to get ready for that appointment. Not gonna get much sleep. Thanks for letting me spill my guts and for reading my rantings.

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