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First snowfall

Technically, our snow first hit yesterday afternoon, but it was just light flurries and didn't start to stick until it was nearly dark. By this morning, things were much whiter outside and the temps in the upper 20s. We then got more snow, some of it quite heavy. I went out and snapped a few pics and though I didn't actually measure it, I think we've currently got about 2 inches.

I know to people in the eastern US, we might be winter weather wussies, but keep a few things in mind:

* Western WA does not get snow all that often in the lowlands.
* Our terrain and streets are very hilly, which makes driving tricky.
* Originally, this storm was only supposed to be a trace to 1" and not to such a wide area as it has.
* We have what are called "mirco-climates", which means the weather in one area can be vastly different than the weather just a few miles away.
* Snow is extremely hard to forecast in this part of the country and even more unpredictable.
* Most people around here (for many of the above reasons) don't know how to drive too well in only a few inches of snow.

So this is big news in the area. Schools are closing, as are some businesses, freeways are clogged or closed, and people are just trying to get home early if they can. Some places have gotten a lot of snow and others not very much at all. The forecast is for possibly up to 6 inches by late tonight. There's also going to be winds, so there's the chance of power outages...peachy. Meanwhile, temps are expected to dip down into the 20s! Brrrrr! Tuesday is supposed to be clear but very cold, with highs barely reaching 30 and lows in the teens! By Wednesday, there's another chance for snow (should give people traveling for Thanksgiving a challenge) before the temps go back up and it turns to rain. Should be an interesting few days to say the least.

Enjoy the pics. These were all taken from our driveway up by the garage. :D

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