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SPN 6x10 Promo Caps

Once again the images in a promo went by far too fast. So of course I capped it. ;)

There's 27 caps in all and posted here full-sized at 853x480.

Beware of spoilers & speculation within. ;)

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Hello Riverview!

Looks like it's used inside and out for this eppy.

Exploring scary hallways.

Run everybody!!!

Hmmmm....that's one way to lock doors.

Someone's been busy...

Uh oh, Demonic body slamming. Ouch, Sammy.

Grandpa Campbell is back.

And so is our favorite angel. ;)

Along with an old foe dating back to Season 1. Meg with the demon-killing knife.

Who's torturing Meg???

Well-dressed demons caught in a trap. Crowley's thugs?

Gal chained to a bed. Yeah, that's not unusual at all...

Kinda bloody too.

Sam looking all concerned through a grate.

And again...

Dean looks a little uneasy too.

Pretty sure that's Meg, but who's the dude in the suit? Crowley? Is Crowley gonna get in a fight?

Scary dude attacking Dean!!!

Even scarier Sam with a bloody smile. Super creepy!

Sammy to the rescue!

Dean doesn't want to work for another demon...

But Sam says that's nothing new.

What's happening to Crowley???

Tags: episodes, picspam, spoilers, supernatural, theories/speculation
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