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Our after-Thanksgiving

With the snow & ice nearly all melted off at last, mom & I drove up north to pick up my grandpa and bring him back down here to my aunt's house for our late Thanksgiving meal. The drive up and back was pleasant. We listened to Christmas music and got a little rain, but outside of some minor slowdowns from Black Friday shoppers trying to get to malls, it was uneventful.

The food was really quite good. A very nice spread. We had turkey slices on top of cornbread dressing & gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, and cranberry sauce. Sadly, no pies for dessert. My aunt wanted to pick up some on Monday, but of course, that's when we got the big snowfall. Oh, well, it was still a good meal. ;)

Afterwards we talked & then played a game of Chinese Checkers. We even talked my grandpa into to playing! He was a little rusty on the game, so we helped him. And wouldn't you know....he won! Then he really got to talking and...*sigh* Let's just say once he gets going, he's tough to stop. It's so frustrating talking to him. He can't hear well at all and he often contradicts himself and gets confused as to what others are saying to him. As my mom said when we got home, he talks in circles. Plus, he's extremely opinionated and stubborn. Not exactly the best way to end the evening. He's staying until Sunday, when we'll take him back home. If we can just keep him from these long, drawn out discussions, things will be fine. I had a headache most of the evening, so that didn't help. Luckily, now that mom & I are home, I took some Tylenol which seems to have taken care of the pain.

I'm going to post today's cap, head off to bed, and prepare for another day of my grandpa. I love him dearly, but....at 94 years old he's not so easy to deal with with anymore. I know my mom & aunt feel the same way. I missed my cousins not being there, but we're all hoping we can get together for Christmas. Here's hoping the weather doesn't spoil those plans!

Damn. Now I'm seriously missing not having any pie this year. *pouts a little*

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