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Mom Update: And so it begins...

I haven't updated you about my mom since late October, so I thought I'd catch you all up.

A couple of weeks ago, we met with the Radiologist and he was very nice and I felt confident in him right away. He said he'd talked with mom's surgeon and gone all over her records. Indeed the cancer was smaller than they anticipated and as it turns out it was a rare form that is less invasive. Very good news! We already know her lymph nodes were clear, so it really sounds like mom dodged a bullet, considering she waited so long to tell her doctor about the lump in her left breast.

We ended up waiting until after Thanksgiving for her to start her treatments and her first one was today. Everything went fine and she's got lotion given by the doctor to put on the breast after each treatment to help with the side effects.

The Radiologist told us that these treatments will probably go until mid-January (31 days in all). They're every day, Monday thru Friday. For the most part the appointments will be in the early afternoon, but they'll work around other appointments that may come up. One of those will be finally getting new tires for the car. After getting delayed by the snow, we're now waiting 2 weeks for them to get more of the tires in stock. *sigh*

Btw, the Radiologist also said he talked to the Oncologist and mom won't be taking chemo. Instead it'll be hormone therapy. This is more good news. Mom was really dreading the chemo with all the bad side-effects. We'll know more when we meet with THAT doctor for the first time tomorrow.

Anyway, if I'm kinda quiet on LJ, it's just because she has these appointments every day and I'm not online as much as I used to be. The appointments are fairly short, but in getting ready to leave, and then driving there, it's a lot to do after I get up and there's no time to get online beforehand. Once we get more into this new schedule, I'll try to get back on track with things. I've got Holiday Cards to send out, caps to make/fix/post, and I still want to finish my VanCon reports by the end of the year *iz determined*. This also means I have less time for reading people's posts and leaving comments or replies, so I hope you understand if you don't hear from me too much. I love hearing from you all and appreciate all your comments, messages, and virtual gifts. You're such wonderful friends and I'm lucky to have you! *hugs*

Edit: Btw, I bought a small wire-bound notebook to take with me while I wait during mom's treatments. Thought I'd try to work on some SPN fanfic I've been stewing over. Yes, wynefred, the first one will be that S6 fic I told you about. ;) So we'll see how this idea works.

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