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Reminder III: Holiday Cards

Hey friends, I want to remind you to fill out my little form at my Holiday Cards post if you haven't already.
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* I'm sending e-cards or regular cards this year. Pick whichever is best for you.
* Even if you can't send me a card, that's okay. I'd love to send you one! :)
* Don't want to comment with your info? Shoot me a PM.
* Be sure to let me know if you want me to PM you my address or email as well.

I got 17 cards ready to send out to my international friends & I'll mail them off on Monday. With only about 3 weeks until Christmas, I'd say this is my 2nd-to-the-last-call for international cards. So please, if you haven't already, give me your name & address so I can send you a card. There's a few of you who haven't responded yet and I'm really eager to send you some holiday greetings! You don't wanna miss out on all the goodies and fun, do you?

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