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Just a few things to mention...

:: Don't forget my Holiday Card Post if you haven't left your address info. yet. I don't care if you're not sending out cards for whatever reason....I wanna send you something! Real card, E-card, your favorite Winchester brother...anything. Yes, you there, hiding in the shadows. I can SEE YOU!!!! I'm spreading holiday cheer and I wanna send it out to as many of my flisters as I can!

:: In case you missed it...I haz a Christmas Tree Gifter Widget. Prezzies!!!! :D

:: There's still the Love Meme too! I left a few comments, even put moondropz's name in ('cause really...how could anyone leave her out?), and I wish I could've done more. The only reason why I didn't was due to lack of time. I'd put all of your names in there if I could. *hugs flist tightly*

:: trystan830, I have my 6x10 download (after somehow first downloading 6x09 by mistake...grrrr) and I'll try to cap it tonight (Monday) or Tuesday. Sorry I haven't had time to do it sooner.

:: Oh, and wynefred (and I suppose anyone else who's interested)...I have started writing that fanfic I told you about. 'Course, in light of last week's eppy it'll now be AU or at least set just before 6x10, but that's okay. Been working on it, like I planned, each Mon-Fri while I wait for mom during her radiation treatments. It's about a half hour each day and so far I've got 3 and half pages written. :)

:: First LJ goes down for around 2 hours when they meant to be down for only 1 and now Tumblr is out of commission. What's going on here??? I'm not overly obsessed with Tumblr. Often I go days without visiting the site or posting something, but still...it's nice to know it's there, waiting for me....except for now. :(

:: I've been doing a little something special lately for my flisters. A few of you have gotten hit already. Heehee! Many of you are still on my list. I just wanna say, this was a crazy idea I had and I'm going to see it through, even if I don't get done by Christmas (though I'll try my best). It's my way of saying thanks for being here when I need you, through my good times & bad, and for putting up with me not always giving you all the attention you deserve. My reward is in simply doing this one little thing at this special time of year for each of you. (((HUGS)))

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