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Yule Tunes: 8 Songs

Another 8 songs to share with you. :)

Gotta kick it off with a rousing version of "The Christmas Song" by The Ray Conniff Singers. ;)
Then we have a nice selection of instrumentals by Chacksfield, Kaempfert, & Kostelantetz.
I've always loved this song by Burl Ives and the Rosemary Clooney song makes me think of the movie it comes from, "White Christmas".
We finish with two fairly rare songs, "That Christmas Feeling" by Perry Como and "When Winter Comes" by Eddy Duchin & his Orchestra. A fitting song for the first day of winter. *g*

You know the drill by now. If you want any, speak up in the comments & I'll do my best to get you the downloads. ;)

And I know I've at least one request to fill. I'll get to it soon.
Tags: holidays, yule tunes
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