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Not the Christmas we planned on

Our Christmas that was going to be turned out to be a total bust. :(

We already knew my cousin R was busy working & couldn't be here, and my grandpa is currently in the hospital, but we were hoping to see my cousin K and her husband. But it wasn't meant to be. My aunt called K to tell her about grandpa and it turns out the two of them weren't feeling very well. Apparently something they fixed for dinner on Christmas Eve didn't agree with them. So it was just the 3 of us: me, mom, and my aunt. *sigh*

My aunt didn't even put up her tree. Only had a couple of small ceramic trees that my grandma made years ago. We exchanged our cards and I gave my mom & my aunt their sets of the CDs I've been working on with all of our family's 45 rpm records all cleaned up. I'm not even half way through the collection yet and then I need to clean up everyone's 78s and put them on CDs.

Supper was a Black Forrest Ham, mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, and gravy. The ham was excellent and I had 2 slices. Then we got some gas in the car and drove the some 50 miles up to visit my grandpa at the hospital. There was a lot of traffic on the highway. No doubt people heading home already from their family gatherings.

Grandpa was still doing well. He's been switched to a much softer, more comfortable neck collar, which is good. I guess he was trying to get the other one off. They have him hooked up to an IV again, but they did say he'd eaten earlier, "quite well" his on-duty nurse told us. However, after we were there a little while he started to get a little agitated. With all the pillows they've put around his head to keep his head and neck from moving too much, he can't hear hardly at all, on top of the poor hearing he normally has. But the longer we stayed the more trouble we had trying to figure out what the heck he was saying to us. I was sitting closest to him and it seemed he didn't like it if I moved....at all. It was like he was using my head as a focus point and anytime I moved he thought he was moving. After about an hour he got even worse, trying to move a lot more and struggling to move his left arm, which is the one that's the weakest right now. He can barely move it on his own, due to the compression of his spine in his neck from the fall. We had to call for his nurse to come help, as what he was saying to us wasn't making any sense.

I was able to get him to lay still at one point, so he did listen to me and understand THAT. But he kept telling me to "find your place and mark it". Very puzzling. Even as the nurse and a helper came to turn him a bit, he was going on about that and who knows what else. We chose to leave at that time, kinda feeling that we'd somehow stirred him up just by being there. As we were leaving the 3 of us kinda thought that he's thinking of something in the past, like he's working on cars or building something. It's all very confusing. He can't hardly hear us, and we can't really understand his jibberish. However, Friday night he was more lucid, not so tonight. Weird.

The drive back home was rough because it started raining again and with all the traffic and the headache I've got going, I'm pretty tired from all the driving. We came back to my aunt's house and had some pie: apple and pecan. It was pretty much the only highlight of Christmas as far as I'm concerned and even so, I was almost too exhausted to enjoy it. One of the nurses, said grandpa might be moved to another floor Sunday, so we'll be going back up to see what's going on with him this afternoon. Based on what goes on, we'll probably not go up to visit him on Monday, which is good because mom will be back on her radiation treatment schedule again. But we know we'll have to keep going up every other day or so for a while now. Not looking forward to how exhausting this is going to be. Can I clone myself? Someone to drive one day so I can stay home and relax and then I'll drive the next day? I like driving and all, but this driving mom to her appointment and then driving an hour up north and then another hour to get home again is going to be hard.

So much for my plans to get a lot of LJ posting done before New Year's. *sigh*
Btw, thanks so much for your comments to my previous post. I wish I had the time and energy to reply back to them, but I don't know when that's going to happen, or if. Thank you for your love, thoughts, and prayers. ♥

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