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Back To Plan B

What a day Wednesday was.

There was the weather: cold, snow in areas, marble-sized hail in our neighborhood. The only real problem we had with it was at night when we were driving home. The new tires did prove they were made for snow & ice though and we we mad it home fine.

Then there was Mom's treatment to go to: she's showing the first signs of effects from the radiation. Some of the skin under her arm pit has turned white. It'll probably peal off eventually. The nurse was surprised she wasn't in any pain, but mom said she didn't even know anything was wrong. The doctor instructed her to put some extra lotion on it and try to keep it as dry as possible, but otherwise he's not concerned about it. Oh, and she's nearing the end of the treatments, too. Only about 6 left and some of what they call "booster" ones and she's finished with the radiation.

Now about grandpa....my aunt had called the doctor in the morning to tell him to go ahead with the operation, but didn't talk to him, only to a nurse of his. There was some confusion over us being there at a certain time for a conference, but anyway, we went up and spoke with the doctor. My aunt signed the papers for authorizing the surgery and we stuck around briefly while they moved grandpa to a private room. We tried to talk to him, but he didn't give any response. At least he didn't appear to be in any pain, so we decided to leave. The doctor said he'd do the surgery tonight and call us when it was finished.

We went to go eat and I got a call on my cell from the doctor. He said they were all ready to begin, but the anesthesiologist didn't want to put grandpa under because his heart rate was too low. The doctor said he'd probably die as soon as they began and he was strongly advising that they cancel the surgery. So we gave the okay and they canceled it. So now we're back to them just giving him comfort and care and waiting for nature to take it's course. The doctor told us that the surgery was very risky anyway, so I guess this was meant to be. We don't like the idea of him being so unresponsive and just laying there waiting for his body to give out, but it's all that's left now. They'll give him pain meds and make him as comfortable as they can, but somehow that's not very positive in our minds. Like my aunt said this evening, "That's not living, it's just existing."

We came home around 8 p.m. and it's a good thing we did because the weather started turning bad again. While coming through Seattle we saw several big lightning strikes and by the time we got close to home there was a layer of snow pellets everywhere and a good layer of ice already on the roads. Luckily, everyone drove slow and steady and we made it home fine. We even heard on the TV of more snow falling up north where we'd been, so it's a good thing we didn't stay at the hospital longer. Temps are going to be well below freezing tonight so all of this snow and wet roads will freeze. I just hope it's gone by the time mom & I need to go to her treatment in the afternoon. It's her last one of the year, since there's no treatments on New Year's Eve.

We're not planning on going back up north until Friday or at least not until the weather situation improves. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. Reading all of them meant so much to me, you have no idea. *hugs*

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