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"Thunder Graupel"

Sounds like it was made up, doesn't it? It isn't really. It's the term coined by one of our local weather forecasters to describe the white stuff that came down last night at the southern end of Puget Sound in an exciting lightning show.

Graupel is a weather term for soft hail or snow pellets. It's currently all over our yard and has formed a solid sheet of ice on the streets. There isn't a lot of it (not even an inch) but it's so cold that it's not going anywhere fast. Our temps only got into the mid 30s today and that was with the sun out. The lows are supposed to be into the low 20s tonight, maybe even into the teens in some places.

Btw, it was so slick and icy that we didn't go to mom's treatment today. Didn't know how many of the major roads were sanded and it was a long way to go on treacherous roads for only a 5 min. treatment. She won't go back until Monday now.

I only took a few pics with my little Kodak camera. Didn't feel like hefting my big Canon 50D out there. :P
Click to see them bigger.

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