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New Year's Resolutions err...Goals

I rarely make resolutions for the new year.
Let's face it...it's like setting yourself up for disaster before you even begin. :P

Instead, my list is like the ultimate To-Do List for the year:

:: Get back on a better sleep schedule.
:: Go back to eating healthier & exercising again.
:: Finish my VanCon posts including my Filming Location pics from both cons.
:: Resume the SPN Revealed posts for Season 2.
:: Get on a regular weekly schedule for capping, fixing, & posting SPN screencaps.
:: Re-establish contact w/friends & family online...and maintain it.
:: Be a better LJ friend.
:: Keep up with LJ comments.
:: Organize/clean out the house.
:: Get eyes examined/new eyeglasses.
:: Work at getting better at photography, learning my camera better.
:: Resume family genealogy.
:: Finish VanCon scrapbook project.
:: Read more books/watch more movies.
:: Get back to drawing.
:: Work harder at maintaining all my online comms, blogs, etc.

I think that's most of the big items. As for the keeping up with LJ comments one, I want to let everyone know that I'm treating Jan. 1st as the beginning of a clean slate. I'm not going to worry about the massive backlog of comments from months ago up to now that I haven't replied to. A new month, a new year...I'm starting fresh and I'll keep up with your comments from here on out to the best of my abilities.

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