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Holiday Cards: To & From

Thought I'd list who I send Christmas/Holiday cards to and who I received them from (so far). Thank you to all I received cards from and another thank you to those of you who allowed me to mail cards cards to you. :)

I mailed my regular cards on the following days: Dec. 6th, 7th, 10th, 14th, & 18th.

Regular Cards or E-Cards sent to:

littleone87, sinnerforhire, dahliablue, enablelove, cologne_chick, agt_spooky, shadow_of_doubt, betgirl, trystan830, caz2y5, keyweegirlie, cate12345, captainlon, wickedgrdn, justine_andrews, paceyringwald, metallidean_grl, alwaysateen, savedean, ina_ami, erinrua, hils, ilaria84, jaimeykay, dodgegirl22, wynefred, jenniferkaos, jennygeee, tehjessica, casey28, apieceofcake, hells_half_acre, growyourwings, supernaturallvr, seesmooshrun, maferi_nah, mrsr58, tinkabell007, bardicvoice, dark_princess17, theron09, deluweil, naficeh, mymuseandi, pat_susana, weesta, country_bee, bloodyrosered, cowboyangel, lovetheguys, flynn_boyant, moondropz, traumlogik, loco_lobo, dana_chosenart, tracys_dream, earth_dragon, tariel22, x5vale, twasadark, sn_mistress.

I received cards received from:

wickedgrdn, cowboyangel, trystan830, dodgegirl22, agt_spooky, apieceofcake, twasadark, captainlon, naficeh, jennygeee, weesta, dahliablue, keyweegirlie, savedean, tracys_dream, enablelove, mrsr58, supernaturallvr, loco_lobo, casey28, pat_susana, janissa11, traumlogik, cate12345, dark_princess17, ilaria84, seesmooshrun, hells_half_acre, littleone87, alwaysateen, mrcp, x5vale (You did send me a lovely E-card, right, Val?), jaimeykay, maferi_nah, cologne_chick, flynn_boyant.

If I've left anyone out, please let me know. Also, if you haven't received my card yet, I'd also like to hear from you. I hope it doesn't take forever for some of the international cards to get to their destinations. *hugs flist*

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