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:: Been exhausting taking mom to her treatments & then driving 50 miles up north to deal with grandpa's funeral prep. & going through stuff at his house the past few days. Oh, yeah and then driving the 50 miles back at night, usually in the rain. Bleh.

:: I've already got 2 items from my grandparents house from our sorting of stuff: a mini tape measure & tonight I got a little magnet ring that was my grandma's.

:: We've been bringing home sacks full of stuff, mostly papers right now. My grandpa was quite the packrat. *sigh* Now I know I've got that trait on both sides of my family. Explains the current state of our own house.

:: Flowers received: One plant from wynefred & justine_andrews (Thank you sweeties!) & some flowers in a vase from one of my mom's relatives (my aunt got one too).

:: Grandpa's funeral is set for the 15th, with the viewing on the 12th.

:: Since he was in the Army Air Force as an airplane mechanic during WWII, we've decided to have the military involved in the funeral. I was chosen to receive the flag.

:: My aunt's working on the obituary, I'm going to be putting together a CD of music to be played during the viewing/part of the services. Luckily, I've got a lot of big band & 30s/40s/50s music readily available, though I must admit I don't know specifically what music my grandpa liked.

:: The weather is again reeking havoc with our plans. We've decided not to go up to the house on Saturday because snow is forecasted (poss. 1-5 inches in that area). There's another possible snow threat for next week for the viewing and the funeral. *sigh* Still waiting and hoping that doesn't develop.

:: Been eating far too much fast food/restaurant food of late. I'm seriously afraid to weigh myself. Can only imagine what all this food is doing to me, but with us going out so much and sorting things at the house there isn't much time to have a good meal at home.

:: We're not expecting many people to show up for the funeral 'cause, well frankly my grandpa outlived just about everyone he knew. There's a few of his friends that will be coming and us family, but that's about it that we know of.

:: There's so much I WISH I could be doing online, but I simply don't have time for. It's all I can do to catch up with everything on LJ & Twitter when I get home at night. Even that takes me at least an hour. Everyone's posting so much! LOL I guess since I'm not you're all picking up the pace to make up for it?

:: I wish I wasn't so damned tired all the time. I have moments of energy, but by the end of each day I'm really dragging and fighting to stay awake. My sleep patterns are all over the map, sometimes a lot, other times very little. I barely know day to day exactly what's going to be happening. I'm really looking forward to staying home this weekend and just recharging/relaxing some.

Thanks again my dear friends! I know I have to get back to some of you on things and I'll try to see what I can do this weekend. *HUGS*

Tags: ramblings, real life
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