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I'm a proud Seattle Seahawks Fan!

Seattle stuns New Orleans 41-36 in NFC playoffs

I'll mirror a lot of the comments on that article. Nobody in the US outside of the Seattle area gave the Seahawks a chance against the Super Bowl champion Saints. Nobody. But how did they win! Take THAT all doubters!

Never underestimate the Seahawks. NEVER.

Everyone kept going on about the Seahawks going into the playoffs with a losing record, but you know what? It doesn’t matter. Just like the Saints being the Superbowl Champions doesn’t matter. We beat them. We’re going on and they’re done for the season. It's sickening to listen to the bias of the east-coast sportscasters. Even NBC before the game went on and on about the Saints, interviewing QB Drew Brees, and giving nothing to the Seahawks.

The Saints put up a good fight, but they couldn't match the power of the Seahawks and the deafening noise of the 12th Man inside Quest Field. And that touchdown run by Marshawn Lynch? OMG It was jaw-droppingly incredible! WATCH

Jokes, lightweights, laughingstocks. Not these Seattle Seahawks. They just sent the defending Super Bowl champions packing.

NY Times: Derided and Disregarded, Seahawks Shock the Saints

Bears or Falcons next week. Bring it on! We're ready for you! \0/

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