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Just a few pics of the day.

At the Cancer Center where mom goes for her radiation treatments there are pictures on the walls...all of masked figures from carnivals around the world. Clowns don't creep me out, but these pics....um, yeah...they kinda do bother me. The place is really quite nice looking and comfortable, but why have such creepy pics on the walls???

This one is in the women's changing room where I sit and wait for mom.

After threats all last week about a big snow event this week, it all came down to one night of snow before it all turns over to snow. It started at around 7 p.m. tonight and is still coming down, but I noticed it's turning wetter. We have 2 inches, but it probably won't be around much longer, which is a good thing, btw.

I stepped out to measure the snow & thought I'd snap a few pics. ;)

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