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Quickies 20 - Flist Edition

:: Grandpa
So the viewing wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Actually the drive up north was more emotionally draining than actually being there. Mom was a bit frazzled before we left (& we left late) and there was some yelling & swearing involved which left me feeling very upset. But I did manage to keep it together during the drive even though I nearly lost it a few times and was very quiet. By the time we were at the funeral home I was calmer. We went into the little room and I took a quick look at him from afar, but the rest of the time I spent watching the video they'd put together of the photos we'd provided. They even played the music I'd burned on CD. Only one of grandpa's "breakfast buddies" stopped by while we were there (which wasn't long). Truth is, he's outlived just about everyone he knew, and I think most people are just waiting to attend the funeral services on Sat.

Thanks btw, for all your comments & love to my previous post. *hugs flist*

:: Can I have normal back?
These long days are so draining. We're often not getting home until late at night and I'm just beat. I catch up w/things online as much as I can, but I'm still behind and I know I'll never catch up completely...there's simply too much. Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure I'm missing on some really cool stuff and that's bugging me. I'm missing all my TV shows too. Watched all of last week's shows on Saturday and this week I haven't even gotten one download. Was happy to at least watch the other night's Parenthood live on the TV. There's also LJ posts I haven't had time to do and so much for keeping up with the LJ comments in the new year. Total fail in that area so far. *sigh* I keep telling myself that after Saturday it'll get better, that there will be maybe a small semblance of normal returning. I sure hope so.

:: I've done it again
Why is it when I'm super busy I get inspired to jump into another area online? Why do I do this??? Anyway, I'm putting together another (yes, another!) LJ comm. I've been uploading pics and doing the prep work. I'm excited about the idea and I think (hope) it'll work. It'll just be me doing the posting. I know what you're thinking..."Is she nuts??? She posts so much now, is involved in so many places already....how can she possibly keep up with another comm?" Good question, but I'm going to give it a go anyway. I think people will like it. I'm not going to make it a heavy pressure situation for myself, but I've got some good ideas and I think as long as I keep it simple, it'll be do-able. I don't want to spill the beans about it quite yet, but I will say it's about SPN. What a shocker, right? *g* Stay tuned!

:: Facebook
I've alluded in the past about having a Facebook account, but I wasn't ready to add any of my LJ flisters. Well, I decided to finally take the plunge and add some of my friends on Facebook. I figure I'm not working any indy films now anyway, plus some of those people I've worked with have posted on their walls about their TV/movie interests, so why should I be afraid of showing my SPN colors? I love this show! Why hide it?

This is me!

Keep in mind, I do not talk about my LJ there, nor do I link to it any way on Facebook. I'd still like to keep that part of myself away from other relatives & past/potential future working contacts. Other than that...I'd love to friend you there. I did my best to find who I could, but some of you are kind of elusive. Please point me in the right direction with a link if you want me to add you over there. Thanks! :)

Oh, and I found I've gotten very addicted to the games over on Facebook. Been kind of a welcome distraction from real life right now when I can spare a little time to do something totally different. I think FrontierVille is my favorite. ;)

:: Mini To-Do List (for after Saturday)
* New Year SPN Friending Meme - Promised wynefred I'd do one of these & I still want to make it happen.
* VanCon 09 & 2010 Reports - Still a few things left to post, like 2010 autos & photo-ops, location pics, etc.
* First Impressions for 6x09, 10, & 11 - My notes are still sitting in my email, waiting for some caps so I can get these done....with any luck before the show resumes on the 28th.
* Season 6 Screencaps - I've gotta work out a schedule for getting my caps done & posted. I've got a plan, it's just a matter of seeing if I can implement it. I'm all caught up with capping S6, but they're not uploaded which takes some time. We'll see how things go or I might just wait until summer hiatus to begin posting Season 6 caps, okay?
* Season 6 B&W Fanart - Haven't even begun on this, so it might be another candidate to wait until summer hiatus to begin on. ATM, I'd like to get some of the before-mentioned items done before I tackle more fanart.
* Flist Gifts - Some of you already got some little surprises during last month. Haven't gotten to everyone yet, and I still intend to. But now they'll be for your birthdays (if I know them) and everyone else will get their's as I come to your name alphabetically on my list. ;) Keep your eye on your LJ inboxes for a PM from me. *g*

And with that, I think I'm done with this Quickies edition. I'm sure I'll think of something I should've added later. *sigh*
Thanks again for your patience, your comments, messages, gifts....for simply being such a wonderful group of friends with your caring & love during these past few weeks. Sometimes I wish we could all gather for one big group hug, but I guess this will have to do for now.

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