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SPN News

Got online late last night and Twitter was all well...atwitter about these two news items about SPN. *g*

* Supernatural gets added to PaleyFest 2011!!!

This is very exciting news! They haven't been there since 2006. I hope Jensen & Jared will be there and that we'll have access to video of the panel.

* More hints being dropped that SPN will get a 7th Season!
CW Boss Says She'd Be "Shocked" If Supernatural Didn't Return for Season Seven

I've been saying for a long time that I was sure SPN would have a 7th season, so this isn't a big surprise to me. 1) Jensen told us at VanCon last year that he & Jared had signed contracts for a 7th season, that it was now up to the network 2) SPN continues to be a ratings winner for the CW and 3) With Smallville ending this season, the network needs all the strong shows they can get and SPN is well established and has a strong fanbase.
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