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Random Bits

:: Flist, I owe you an update about the past weekend & what's been going on of late. It's coming, I promise, but probably not until this coming weekend.

:: I'm hanging in there. Sleep is all over, eating habits are bad, & my weight is up. *sigh* My life is due for a major overhaul. With any luck, come February, things will calm down a little into normal territory.

:: Still working on one fanfic that I began back in December, but I've hit a little dry spell on it at the moment. Not to worry, though, I still plan on finishing it. Meanwhile, the other day I was struck with inspiration on a new little ficlet. It kind of picks up where 6x11 left off, so I'm eager to get it done & posted before the show returns on the 28th. It's already over halfway done. I think you'll all like it. :)

:: If I'm ever home for more than one day at a time I might actually get back to posting some things. I've got eppy reviews to do, VanCon reports to finish, episodes to cap, and more. I wanna get these done so I can move onto other things.

:: I miss SPN a lot, as we all are in these last days of the hiatus. Lately, I'm been behind on my other shows. Got downloads of several already that are waiting for some spare time for me to watch them. Yeah, the weekend, no doubt. Have read all the spoilers for upcoming SPN eppies and I'm excited at what's coming down the pike!

*hugs flist* ♥

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