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Dean Winchester Birthday Collages

Due to RL issues yesterday, I was unable to post these, but I hope you'll like them even a day late.

All of these are collages showing Dean through the 6 years (seasons) that we've known him. Son, brother, friend, soldier, hero...he's been all these things and more. He's fought destiny, been to hell and back, and defied death more than any human alive. He's also incredibly charming and has a quick wit to deal with all the hardships life has thrown at him.

Within...a celebration of a life.

(click for full size)

* Hotlinking is evil.
* Fanart made from my own screencaps.
* Credit me, raloria, please when taking/using.
* Comments are love! :D

I have this collage in a larger size, with or without the text for anyone who wants it.

Most of these collages are 1024 x 450. Each one is in color and B&W.

Tags: fanart, supernatural
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