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First Impressions: 6x09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe

I'm long overdue for my reviews of the last 3 episodes, so I'm gonna post them as-is with only a minimum of caps and no notes at the end. I really want to get these posted before Friday's new eppy.

Hope you enjoy this review, even though it's old.

(===============) Signify commercial breaks.

Recap: Lisa, Sam's soulless, Dean doesn't want Sam pretending anymore, Sam confesses he doesn't care about Dean.

Elwood, Indiana...lovers making out in a cornfield at night....They hear a sound...."There's something out there" LOL
Dude....everyone knows you don't go off exploring in a cornfield at night. 
This will not end well...
Bright light from above and Patrick's gone.
Heh...crop circle.....
LOL! Love the X-Files-esqe opening credits! Awesome!

Heh....it's the Star Trek: Voyager Doc. ;)
"Don't dump your wackadoo all over us." LOL! WTH Sam???
Heh...Watchman set again. ;)
"Empathy, Sam...Empathy!"
"I can't care about what...what I don't care about."

LOL...Dean's gonna be his Jiminy Cricket. OMG

They go visit Patrick's dad.
Easy Sammy....down boy.
Wait....did that water tower in the bg say Carthage?

Dean thinks he's hiding something....

Dean goes off to check out the cornfield alone....oh, this is a bad idea....
Sam's watching Patrick's dad and he calls Dean.
Uh, oh...something's out there...with Dean.
Close Encounter! Close Encounter!!!! LOL
Dean: "They're after me!"
Sam: "Third kind already? You better run man. I think the fourth kind is a butt thing."

Run Dean!!!!!!
Oooop! Bye Dean. o_O
And meanwhile, Sam hangs up the phone and checks out the waitress. LOL!


All that Sam finds left in the cornfield is Dean's phone.
He also finds a bunch of UFO enthusiasts camped out.
Love the music....hee!
"The truth is out there" Love it!
"I'm fine...I mean....I've had time to adjust" LOL Sammy.

Ooooh Dean's back....knife out and guns blazing.
LOL! And he walks in on Sam sleeping with hippie chick! OMG Awkward. :P

"You're upset..." Understatement Sam.
He can't sit on Sam's bed now. LOL
Awkward bit with Sam trying to offer comfort. Heh.

Sam: "Probing table!"
Dean: "God! Don't say that out loud!"
"I had a close encounter Sam...and I won"

Dean: Yes, you sit in the dark and you feel the loss.
Sam: Absolutely, but couldn't I just do all that and have sex with the hippie chick?
Dean: NO!
Sam: It would be in the dark.

Dean: Can we just get out of here?
Sam: What's wrong with you?
Dean: Before I hit you?
Sam: Okay....geez.

Ground control to Major Tom....heh
LOL! Dean microwaved Tinkerbell!!!! "Ha Ha!!!!" *loves him*


Sam can't see the "echh" in the microwave. LOL

"Smurfs" Heehee!
"Hey, you're he one who pizza-rolled Tinkerbell" 

So they visit Fairy lady....
So there's a Fairy Realm...and only those who've been there can see them here....like Dean. Heh.
Oberon...King of the Fairy....
"Did you....service....Oberon...King of the Fairies?" LOL
Fairies love cream....and hate iron. Useful.
Boys....drinking from dainty little teacups. LMAO

Dean: "God is it ON me? I feel like I've got the crazy on me."
Sam: "No. You did sit in some glitter, though."

Hmmm....watch dude is stocking up on some milk. Suspicious....

The boys follow him....Dean sends Sam to watch him and he checks out the watch store.
Ooooh....Dean sees elves....

Hee! Keebler joke. Love it. OMG Dean's eyes going everywhere before he hangs up the phone.

Sam goes to question watch dude....and he brings up the elves...heh. Busted!

Uh oh....there's the red-hatted dude Dean saw before.....and he's following Dean.

Watch dude summoned the elves because of Parkinsons...learned about them from his mom.
He got a leprechaun who in turn brought him the elves to help him....in exchange for his first born....and lots of others.

Dean's still trying to get away from his stalker. Heh.
Ok, and now it's a midget.
Dean tackles him....in front of some people. Ooops.
And promptly gets arrested just as Sam & watch dude show up.
"Fight those fairies! Fight the fairies!!!!!" LOL!


Dean in jail....that's so hot. :)
So the sheriff thinks it's a hate crime....heh.

Sam & the watch dude are trying to get the book with the spell from the safe.
Is that Gaelic? It's cool.
OMG the Doc is the leprechaun!

Uh oh...Dean's marked. :(
Get him Sam!
He knows Sam's different...
Oh, he can get Sam's soul back....for a price, of course.
Don't do it Sam!
Ooooh....got him with a shot blast of iron! But not quite...darn.

Dean's got a visitor....eeeK!
Red-hatted dude!
Owie! Smack-down time for both of the boys.
Ha! Sam pours salt down....hee!
Ah...giving Sam time to read the spell! Awesome!


Ooooh....car scene! Love these.
Dean wonders why Sam said now to the Leprechaun's deal....
It was because it was a deal....can't trust it.
Dean wants to make sure Sam's not gonna back out about retrieving his soul....Sam says no, but there's something there again....the half-truth....the doubt. Oh, Sammy. :(
OMG Gorgeous shot of the brother's faces in the sunlight. Boys!!!!!

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