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January SPN Calendar Images

Due to the overwhelming response to my poll about continuing to post calendar images, I guess we'll go on with the 3 I have for 2011. :)

As I stated in the poll, I bought all 3 calendars from Creation this time (and got a sweet autographed pic by Richard Speight Jr. as well). Since I guess this will be an on-going series of posts I'm going to make a calendars tag (and add it onto last year's posts, too) so it'll be easier for you and me to find these.

I use my old digital camera to snap pics of the calendars. The quality isn't the greatest, but it's not bad IMO. With 3 calendars to spread over a month, I start out with Jared, then the SPN one, and finish off each month with Jensen. ;)

Jensen is on my wall right now. Recognize that outer shirt from way back in S1. :D

Started off the month with this S4 image of Jared.

They used this same image last year, but that's okay. It's from S4's "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (or "Heaven & Hell" it could go either way since it's that scene that bridges between the 2 eppies).

Tags: actors: jared padalecki, actors: jensen ackles, calendars, pictures, supernatural
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