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CW you Suck!

I'm sure you've all heard the news by now about the CW postponing the returns of Smallville & Supernatural until Feb. 4th. I came home late to this news all over my flist. Haven't even gotten to catching up on Twitter, but from what I read on LJ it's been a firestorm over there, too.

Honestly, I'm not angry. Disappointed is more like it. Yes, I was looking forward to seeing the new episode. I've been missing the boys for weeks and the hiatus has really been long. On the other hand...it's only one more week, so....meh. Not a huge deal after a couple of months.

What upsets me is the CW waiting until practically the last minute to announce the change. Bad move network, BAD MOVE. I've read from one of my flisters who visited the set that the crew didn't even know about the postponement.

In the grand perspective of things, one more week isn't a big deal, but the way the CW did this is disrespectful to the fans of both shows. These are 2 of the biggest ratings winners of the network along with being 2 of the oldest shows. Not a good idea to piss off their fans in favor of bumping up the ratings for other shows. I don't even see what the point is of repeating The Vampire Diaries & Nikita especially on a night that is not their normal air day.

I'm also hearing about outraged fans, lots of irate posts & comments on the CW's forum, nasty tweets, etc. Btw, nothing against fans who have sent calm, respectful complaints to the network. I get people are angry, but honestly, the network isn't going to listen. They've made their decision and that's that. Threatening, belittling, and who knows what else is not going to change anything. They probably won't even see it. Like I said, the decision's been made. Time to move on and deal with the situation folks.

'Cause let's face it...TV network execs make stupid decisions all the time. This is just one of many and it won't be the last. Look how many good shows the networks never give a chance and just cancel or how many shows they move around so viewers have to guess where they'll show up next week.

We all know the CW will never give SPN the kind of love and devotion we fans will, so all we can do is what matters the most...keep watching SPN no matter what. Because it's ratings that the network cares about.

And on that note...

While I'm also a fan of The Vampire Diaries (not like SPN, but I do enjoy it a lot) I missed Thursday's eppy. Now I could go ahead and watch the rerun tonight, but you know what? I'm not going to. I'm going to boycott the CW tonight and watch TVD another way (yay for downloads *g*). Why should I support the network's stupid decision against SPN? If it's ratings for TVD & Nikita they seek so much, I'm sure not gonna help them. Gotta send a message to the network in a way they'll notice and ratings rule. Feel free to join me in my one time Friday night boycott.

So there you have it. Not angry, not really upset. I'm more disappointed and bummed out than anything else. Boo! CW. You suck! :(

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