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CW Sucks Part II

Gee, thanks CW. Brilliant decision you made there. SPN's return got delayed for nothing. NOTHING.

'Smallville' and 'Supernatural' bump: CW decision may backfire from Zap2it.com

By airing reruns of "The Vampire Diaries" and "Nikita" 2011 premieres on Friday, without the "Idol" competition, the network would give the episodes a better chance at being seen by the full audience. To TV insiders, the move did make sense -- you've got to make sure the cash cow is well-fed.

Here's the problem: that massive ratings dip that "The Vampire Diaries" and "Nikita" were expected to suffer didn't happen. Both series maintained viewership consistent with the first half of their seasons. Apparently, fans of The CW's Thursday lineup are die-hard enough to stick with their shows, even with the temptation of Steven Tyler and J.Lo on FOX.

In other words... they didn't really need to move "Smallville" and "Supernatural" after all.

Oh, and here's another great article about what this delay could cost: Spoilertv.com: Supernatural and Smallville - What The Delay Could Cost Them

So this whole thing was unnecessary. What you wanna bet the reruns of Nikita & TVD on Friday night didn't garner higher ratings either? What about all those Smallville & SPN fans who didn't hear about the switch and tuned in and were shocked to see something else on their TVs instead? They gotta be wondering what the hell happened when all the ads said the shows would be returning on the 28th.

I'm actually more pissed now than I was yesterday. It's still not about waiting an extra week, it's about the network making a stupid decision that could cost them and our shows a lot down the road.

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