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I iz a camera geek

Pardon me while I get geeky & fangirly, but SPN director Guy Norman Bee just answered a question of mine on Twitter. *bounces* :D :D :D

You know me and my love of filmmaking and cameras, right? Guy just happened to tweet a pic of one of their cameras on set from this morning.

I thanked him, of course, for taking the time to answer me. He is a little busy at the moment, you know...shooting an awesome episode of our show. *g* I have experience myself working with the Red One camera. It was used on an independent film I was working continuity on in 2008. It's an amazing camera. Digital, but the look is so much like film you'd never know it. I can see why they'd use it for the crane, steadicam, and high speed work since it is smaller than the Arri camera.

Heh. Sorry. My filmmaking geek is showing again. :P

Tags: camera love, filmmaking, supernatural, twitter
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