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First Impressions: 6x11 Appointment In Samarra

Finally at the end! Again, I apologize for this review being so late. Keep in mind this is simply the notes I took during the initial airing with maybe a few quotes & little bits added in.

Hope you enjoy this review, even though it's old.

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Recap: Death, Reapers, Tessa, Balthazar, Sam's soul.

Hee! Chinatown! I know where this location is! \0/
Dr. Robert....heh. ;)
Oh, he knew John. Wow.

Eva's all business....and heavy makeup.
Wow....how much is Dean paying for this?
Aw...a letter for Ben....
Three minutes.....whoah
Dean's dead....and a spirit again.

Oh, I love it when Jensen speaks different languages!

Oh, hello Death! Heh.

Dean wants to make a deal....to get Sam & Adam's souls out.
But Death will only take one.....naturally, Dean picks Sam.
He can't put away Sam's hell, but Death can put it behind a wall.....better than nothing I guess
Oh, it's not permanent....well.....I'd say yes, too
Death: What do you think the soul is? Some pie you can slice? The soul can be bludgeoned, tortured, but never broken. Not even by me.

Death wants something, of course
He wants Dean to be Death for one day, wear the ring.....oooooh
Dean, you're running out of time
Oh, damn......he didn't hear what Death said

Boys!!!! And Bobby.
He's telling Sam about the deal....and Sam's not happy about it.

Sam needs a minute to "wrap his head around it"? yeah, I don't think so....
Heh. Dean didn't buy it either.
Sam says he trusts Dean....hmmm....yeah, I bet not.
Dean leaves Bobby to watch over him.....this is gonna go bad for sure

Dean puts on the ring....wow......from Bobby's yard to a street with Tessa
She's not keen on having him tag along
She's got a list....and she's not going to let him see it.

Sam....what are you doing?
Ah, summoning Balthazar.


B thinks this is a stupid move by Sam....
Sam wants some angel advice....if there's something that can keep a soul out forever.... :(
Sam needs to scar his vessel....yikes....with patricide....nooooo!!!!! Bobby!!!! :(

Oh, this has gotta be torture for Dean....not being able to save people....that's kinda who he is
But then again....hmmmmm....letting a robber suffer a little isn't too hard.
Dean: Enjoy the ride down, pal. Trust me -- sauna gets hot.

Next is a guy eating too much pizza....uh oh...
At least the guy realized it was probably a bad idea, even though it tasted good. Heh.
"Is that a local place?" LOL, Dean
Heart Attack Guy: What does it mean?
Dean: Everything is dust in the wind.
Heart Attack Guy: That's it? A Kansas song???


Bobby....look out man.....Sam's after you....

Uh oh....hospital.....this won't be easy for Dean
A 12 yr. old girl....he doesn't want to do this
Tessa: It's destiny.
Dean: Give me a break. I've spent my whole life fighting that crap. There's no such thing as destiny, just like there was no apocalypse -- just a bunch of stuck-up mooks who didn't want us human slaves asking questions. Well, I say the little girl lives.
Tessa: Do you know what's amazing? You don't actually buy a word you're saying.

You're playing with fire, Dean

Sam and Bobby...playing cards

Heh....the little girl is better now....
Bobby doesn't fall for Sam's ploy....but after knocking Sam out Bobby turns around & he's gone....not good.


Be careful Bobby....
Hides in the closet....but Sam's breaking through with an axe...eeek!!!!

Oh, wow....trap door. Sam's hurt, too. Owie
Now he's pissed...heh.
Bobby wants to know why....
Bobby: You want to explain what this is about?
Sam: I just, uh, I have to do this Bobby.
Bobby: Says who?
Sam: When Dean shoves that soul back in me, think how bad that could really be. I can’t let it happen Bobby. I mean it's not like I want to kill you, you’ve been nothing but good to me.
Bobby: So what, demon deal or somethin'?
Sam: Spell.
Bobby: You’re makin' a mistake Sam.
Sam: I’m trying to survive.
Bobby: Dean’s got a way to make it safe.
Sam: Oh, yeah, what some wall inside my head that maybe stays up? Come on.
Bobby: If it works-
Sam: Well, what if it doesn’t? Dean doesn't care about me. He -- he just cares about his little brother, Sammy, burning in Hell. He'll kill me to get that other guy back.
Bobby: Look, I-I know how scary it is. You know what’s scarier? You right now. You’re not in your right head Sam. You’re not giving us much choice here.

And Bobby's talking to nobody....."Balls!" Heehee!
Don't go down there, Bobby.
Oh, blood on the door handle....

Oh, man....the nurse is in danger of dying now....'cause Dean saved the little girl
Great...more guilt for Dean. :(
Damn...now he's still gotta kill the little girl, 'cause she's disrupting the natural order by staying alive.

Bobby's still hunting for Sam outside, following the blood trail
Damn. Owie Bobby. :(

Crap....the nurse's husband is trying to kill himself.
Dean tries to stop him...ends up taking off the ring to do it.
Damn. He broke the deal. :(


So he puts the ring back on when he can't get Tessa to show up...
He's gonna kill the girl anyway....
Heh....even she doesn't buy that "natural order to things" crap

Sammy, don't do this!!!!
Yes!!!!! Dean!!!!! Phew!!! That was close.


Oh, Sam's locked down in the panic room again.
Dean doesn't know what to do...

Oh, Death's dropped in with some food...heh.
Dean says he sucked being Death, but he figured that was the point anyway.
Death: Today, you got a hard look behind the curtain. Wrecking the natural order's not quite such fun when you have to mop up the mess, is it? This is hard for you, Dean. You throw away your life because you've come to assume that it'll bounce right back into your lap. But the human soul is not a rubber ball. It's vulnerable,impermanent, but stronger than you know. And more valuable than you can imagine. So - I think you've learned something today.
He's going to restore Sam's soul anyway....the brothers are on the right track to something....it's all about the souls....hmmmm.
Death: You and your brother keep coming back. You're an affront to the balance of the universe, and you cause disruption on a global scale.

Poor Sammy....he tries pleading with Dean not to let this happen.
Death tells him about the wall he's going to put up and tells Sam not to scratch.

Oh, Sammy.....ouch! But it's for the best, right? We miss our Sammy. *hugs him*

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