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raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Almost Impala Encounter

I'm late for bed, but I gotta share this little Impala tidbit.

Yesterday while on the way to pick up some gas in the car, I noticed an old car behind us. Right away I thought, "That looks like the Impala!!!" LOL I kept looking and it sure looked like the car, it was even black! *squee* When we pulled into the gas station it drove on, but I got a good look at the tail lights. They weren't the broad ones on the show's Impala, but the narrow bars. So I figured it had to be close to a 67, maybe a 1968 or 1970 model. Something a little later, but with much of the same styling.

When we left the station here came the car again! It was such a great coincidence! It drove right by us, so I got a better look. Then we were both waiting side by side at the light. It wasn't in the best of shape. The trim on the side was missing and the hood was bent a bit, but it was big, black, and shiny!

Anyway, when we first saw it behind us my mom and I got to talking about it to my aunt who was in the backseat. We told her how the car is the 3rd character on the show, and my aunt said we were nuts! LOL She just doesn't understand. :P

So I squeed and flailed internally and enjoyed the moment with my mom and held onto that cool little encounter all day long. *g*

Tags: real life, squee, supernatural
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