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How do I get into these things?

It's not as if I don't have enough on my overflowing plate already...I've gotta volunteer for something else. :P

That something else? An entry on SuperWiki. I felt a need for something and posed the idea to the administrator through Twitter. Actually, I asked if such a thing even existed because I sure couldn't find it on the site anywhere. Sure enough, pretty soon I'm being asked if I would be willing to make a page for it. Sure, why not? I figure it'll be useful for the fandom and I know it will be for me. *g*

Never done anything on a Wiki page before so this should be interesting. Got my initial info all scribbled down on paper and next I'll get to organizing it.

Anyhoo, another item on the old To-Do List, which keeps growing and growing...

Tags: ramblings, supernatural, to-do list, what is raloria up to?
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