raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
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Quickies 21

→ Throw me a life preserver!
Woke up late today and was suddenly hit with how many things I have to do. Not a nice way to start a Sunday, I can tell you.

→ Fanfic Writing
I'm working on handwriting one SPN fanfic and I've got a 2nd one waiting in the wings. Then there's the 6 prompts I've signed up for over at hoodie_time. I've already begun thinking and plotting a few of those. Too bad there's no way to multi-task while writing.

→ Comments
I know I'm behind due to real life issues and all that. Since things are starting to slow down in that area, I plan on replying back to all the January comments in the coming weeks while keeping up with this month's.

→ It's a new year...
Anyone interested in a Friending Meme? I plan on doing one, soon, I hope...and with some new/different questions. It'll be SPN-based, of course. ;)

→ Cap Question
There's lots of logo-less SPN Season 6 caps out there. Does anyone still care about getting mine even though they'll have that darned ugly CW logo?

Tags: livejournal, quickies, to-do list
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