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JDM & the boys sighted in Vancouver yesterday!!!

Awesome pictures of JDM, Jensen, & Jared yesterday as they arrived at the Red Card Sports Bar in Vancouver to watch the Super Bowl. :D

"Supernatural regulars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles arrive at a Super Bowl Party to be joined moments later by their TV Dad Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Asked who the guys liked in the 45th Super Bowl, they all liked the Packers...Jeffrey played John Winchester, The Dad that trained his son's Dean(Jensen) and Sam(Jared) to be Warriors against supernatural evil...Vancouver, BC."

Btw, this is a flocked post & the pics are only viewable to registered users here on LJ because one of my friends once had trouble with Punkd Images threatening to sue her after she posted their pics of Jensen on her Tumblr. So I'm not taking any chances. I know they're already out there on LJ and even Tumblr & Twitter, but I sure don't wanna get sued over spreading them around online. I'm just sharing what I've found. What you do with them is up to you.

Tweets from @ PUNKD_Images:

Jared was actually wearing a Cowboys Jersey... NOT Steelers... and ALL the Winchesters told me going in.... PACKERS.... : ))

#Smallville Superman used his super power and snuck himself and #Supernatural Winchester Bros out the back door at The Red Card Sports Bar

#Supernatural's Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and #Smallvile's Tom Welling at The Red Card.. All cheering 4 #GBay

Snuck his Ass and the Winchester Bros OUT 1 of the 2 back doors.... U believe me.... LOL

Clickie for bigger

Edit: Note, as some have mentioned in comments, the 2nd pic is a manipulation. The 3 arrived at the bar separately, however they were all there to watch the game.

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