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Apparently my family can't do anything the easy way

Early this morning we took my aunt to the hospital for a simple little procedure, a biopsy of her uterus to find out more about what's causing her to bleed. Her appointment was at 9:30, but they didn't really begin until 11:30.

As it turns out, there was a minor complication. When the doctor went to scrape a sample she accidentally poked a hole in the uterus. They cut a tiny incision in her belly-button to check the bowel and other organs for damage, but everything looked okay. But as a precaution, they've decided to keep her overnight for observation. The doctor apologized for the mistake, several times and assured us the hole in the uterus will heal on it's own.

Mom & I spent several hours with her in her room, which was very nice (there are pluses to being on the Birthing Center floor). She had a little pain, but morphine cleared it right up and her mouth was extremely dry, but eventually they okayed her to have ice chips & then some jello. By the time we left her for the night she was comfortable, though her throat is still sore from the operation's breathing tube which is making her cough a bit.

They're going to continue to slowly get her back on food overnight and she should be able to come home sometime tomorrow (Wednesday). So mom & I plan on going back to the hospital early to see how she's doing and hopefully bring her home.

*sigh* It was just supposed to be this simple little procedure, in & out and going home in a few hours. The good news is, so far the preliminary pathology report shows everything's normal and there's no cancer, so hopefully the news will continue to be positive once we learn the whole picture. My aunt and the doctor are still leaning towards a hysterectomy, so we'll probably be going through this all over again soon.

And the hits from 2011 just keep on coming...

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