raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Weekend To-Do List


I've got 3, count'em, three days
to get things done at home! Whoo-hoo!!!

My list (the big list) obviously has more on it
than I can handle over a weekend, but I'm going to give it a good try.

~*~ First Impressions Review of 6x12

~*~ Finish Super-Wiki Entry

~*~ Take down Xmas tree & remaining decorations (due to RL issues this hasn't been done yet)

~*~ Reply to recent comments at spn_ontheset

~*~ Start replying to comments on my LJ, working back to the beginning of Jan.

~*~ Work on FanFic prompts for hoodie_time

~*~ Finish collage header for jenniferkaos

~*~ Catch up watching more TV shows

~*~ Wash Dishes (they got out of hand over the past week)

~*~ Fix recently made animations for size based on votes in latest poll

Tags: livejournal, real life, to-do list
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