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First Impressions: 6x12 Like A Virgin

Back on track with the new episodes. :)

Didn't mean to post this review quite this late, but meh...that's life. Think of this review as a way to get further prepared for tonight's new episode.

(===============) Signify commercial breaks.

Recap: The Road So Far....Sam is back, Dean with Lisa & Ben...and then not, Sam's different, Soulless Sam, Alphas, Crowley, Pergatory, Death, getting Sam's soul back....

Awesome song in there btw. ;)
Couple in a small plane in bad weather. This will not end well.
She saw something huge go by the window. Eeek!
Try to relax? He's kidding right?
Oh, no.....he's been snatched. o.O

Sam's still out of it...and hooked up to an IV.
Cas confirms his soul is back in Sam, but that's the only encouragement he has for Dean.
Castiel: Let me tell you what his soul felt like when I touched it. Like it had been skinned alive, Dean. If you wanted to kill your brother, you should have done it outright.
Geez, Cas. Harsh much? :(

Dean's gotta be thinking this could all go wrong.
He and Bobby share a drink. Good times.
Bobby: Like my Daddy always said: just coz it kills your liver don't mean it ain't medicine.
Bobby's got an article about the plane couple.
Sam!!!!! He's awake...and rushing over to hug Dean. OMG Yay!!!!!! :D

He hugs Bobby too. Awwww, but Bobby's a little more distant. Uh oh.
He remembers Bobby dying by Lucifer's hands and he's happy Cas is alive. 
Sam's starving. Heh.

Sam doesn't remember anything after jumping in the hole.
Dean's gonna keep it that way. He's not going to let that wall crumble.
He tells Sam he was gone a year and a half.
Of course he thinks Dean must have made a deal. That has been the Winchester way for so long.
Dean tells him he made a deal with Death and that the slate is now clean.
Bobby's not too happy, but Dean's not telling Sam anymore.

Dean has a chat with Bobby, who's glad Sam's back, but can't forget that he tried to kill him.
Bobby: That kid went straight up Menendez on me not ten days ago.
Dean's afraid of Sam learning what happened. He's just grateful Sam's okay and normal again.
Dean: As far as I'm concerned, it's a gifthorse, and I'm not looking for teeth. I'm sending Death a damn fruit basket.
Bobby says Sam will figure it out eventually and better from either of them than someone else.

Sam's sleeping as Bobby & Dean prepare to head out....or he's not.
So Bobby tells them to go on ahead....He doesn't want to be around Sam...who's kinda noticing the difference.
Sam: What was that?
Dean: One part age, three parts liquor.

Love these cools shots in the car! Awesome!

Sam's already back in research geekboy mode. :)
He thinks Dean didn't keep his promise to go live the normal life.
Well at least he told Sam about Lisa & Ben....mostly. That he was with them for a year, but it didn't work out.
And the music goes up...end of discussion.

Boys!!!! Suits!!!!!
They've come to interview the victim's sister.
Wow. Sympathetic Sam is really back. Awww...Dean's little smirk at that. :)

Hee! Dean and the fast food. 
The 2 girls were good girls with promise rings.
Dean stole the girl's diary....Sam's shocked and Dean's happy that he's concerned. ;)
Dean's figured out the girls were virgins. Reads something from the diary and it creeps Sam out. 

Dean: "I've decided. I'm going to give Stan my most precious gift."
Sam: Wow, that sounded really creepy coming out of your mouth.
Dean: I think I delivered it.
Dean prefers ladies with experience....yeah, I bet. ;)

Run girl, run!!!!!


Boys question the gal in the hospital.
Yikes! Those are big claw marks on her back.
She lost her ring, too...a promise ring.
Subtle Dean....really subtle. He knows she wasn't really a virgin. Heh.

Sam: So what kind of thing likes virgins and gold?
Dean: P. Diddy. 

LOL :P A P. Diddy joke. Love it!
Sam: You know it's comforting.
Dean: What's that?
Sam: I died for a year, come back, and you're still not funny.
Dean: Shut up! I'm hilarious.

Heehee! Brotherly banter is back baby!

Oh, yes....research on the motel wall. We're back to old school hunting. yay! :D
Sam's found everything points to World of Warcraft sites which means..."Dragons....dude."
Dean calls Bobby.....who's making chilli.
Oh, Dean....you'd better tell Sam something.

Uh oh....is Sam remembering something? But Dean shuts it down quick.

Bobby's got a lead...and questioning chilli. Yikes.
Sam: Great, back to the lore.
Dean: Which says what? That they live in Middle Earth?
Sam: No. Caves.
Dean: You're such a nerd.

Yikes....girls in a cage....scary.
Cool black wings though...


Ooooh! I know where this location is! *bounces* :D
Love the peephole view of Dean.

Oh, some def history between the doc and Bobby....interesting.
Dean needs a blade forged with Dragon's blood....oh yeah, just go pick one up at Walmart.
Or her basement. ;)

"Is it Excaliber?" Hee!
OMG Dean with a sword....this is gonna be awesome!
Pull it from the stone Dean...go for it!

LMAO The music....hee!
He's got another idea.

Sam's still doing research...and calling Bobby....uh oh.
Sam can tell something's up....
Bobby's still keeping mum.
Sam's still suspicious....and he calls for Cas.
Castiel: Sam, it's so good to see you alive.
Sam: Yeah, you, too. (Castiel goes for a hug, but Sam sits down.) Um, look, I would hug you, but -
Castiel: That would be awkward.

Awww....no hug for Cas.
Oh, damn....he's gonna trick Cas into telling him what happened. 
Great...he knows about not having his soul. Damn.

Dean: "You rocks think you're so smart." 
A little C4 should do the trick. Smart, Dean.
Ooops....he broke it. :(


I'd just like to say this episode is flying by. o.O

Sam's not enthused about the shortened sword.
The boys go off to hunt the sewers.
Sam wants to say something, but he lets it go for now.

Well they found something....a pile of gold. Wow.
Lots of candles, a diary and other trinkets.
They hear someone...
They found the girls!
And the dragon dude!
Who wants to know where Dean got the sword...."Comic-Con." LOL
Wait, there's 2 dragons??? Damn.
Go Sam! :D One got away though.


Heh. Dean's got all the gold loot & enjoying it. "I rarely have wealth."
Oh, here we go....Sam's apologizing to Dean.

Dean learns Cas spilled the beans.
He assured Sam it wasn't him, but Sam's not letting himself off the hook yet.
Dean: Sam, Death didn't just shove your soul back in, okay? He put up the Great Wall of Sam between you and the things that you don't remember. And trust me when I say that the things you don't know could kill you. That's not a joke!
Sam: Right, but I have to set things right. Or what I can, anyway.
Dean: It wasn't you!
Sam: You know, I kind of feel like I got slipped the worst mickey of all time and I woke up to find out that I had burned the whole city down. And you can say it wasn't me, but I'm the one with the Zippo in my pocket, you know? So I'm not sure it's that cut and dry. And look, I appreciate you trying to protect me, I really do, but I gotta fix what I gotta fix. So I need to know what I did.

Before Sam can potentially find out, Bobby's got some info.

Bobby's been looking at the book the boys found in the sewers....Ancient text on human skin....that's super creepy.
Damn...what are those dragons doing with those girls?
An instruction manual...to the door to Pergatory?

Oh, boy....the girls are human sacrifices. Into the firey pit.
Damn. They're trying to bring something here, to earth...
Bobby says its the "Mother of all." That can't be good.
Gotta be the mother of all the alphas....and she's here. o_O

:: Highlights ::
- The one bit that bothers me in this eppy (& I've mentioned it to a few people) is when Dean and Bobby are preparing to go off on the hunt, leaving Sam behind to sleep. Why would Dean do such a thing? He just got his brother back, whole, and he's going to run off on him? How would poor Sam feel about that? I'm glad he woke up and caught them before they left, but still...
- WE GOT THE HUG!!!!!!! WE GOT THE HUG!!!!!!! OMG YAY!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that totally deserved all caps. :D
- I wondered how the show would pull off dragons and I have to admit they were pretty cool even though we really didn't see them with the wings that much. The hints were nice though.
- The bit with Dean trying to pull the sword from the rock was indeed the big highlight of the eppy. OMG I couldn't stop laughing. XD
- You can almost guarantee that Sam is going to keep wondering and picking at that wall in his mind. It's only a matter of time. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how he'll deal with what he remembers.
- I like the new Big Bad, but I'm wondering what she's got to do with the hint Death dropped to Dean about it all being about the souls. Hmmmm....*ponders*

Thanks for reading! :D

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