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Jason & Jensen Jam Session at LA Con 2011 Playlist

Last night I found this awesome account of Jason & Jensen's Jam Session which really makes you feel like you were there in that small room. Best part of all, perhaps, is that throughout the article it mentions the songs that were played. So I came up with the idea of gathering the songs together into a playlist and thought I'd share it.

We'll probably never get to hear what the Jam Session was really like, but with this playlist I hope we can at least get some idea and pretend it's the real deal. ;)

Note: Each track has a Track Number so you can play them in the order the article lists them in. "The Weight" is here twice: by Jason & Jensen at JIB Con 2010 & the original by The Band.

Jason & Jensen LACon 2011 Jam Session Playlist.zip (53mb)

Tags: actors: jensen ackles, conventions, goodies, jason manns, music
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