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A quick post

It's way late & I've got 2 posts to do before I can go to bed. Already yawning and sleepy, so I'm posting all of this here in one place:

jenniferkaos: I'm still working on your collage header. I'm almost done gathering caps and then I can start fixing & assembling (the fun part). Sorry it's taking me so long. I just ask that you be patient a tiny bit longer.

trystan830: I capped 6.13 overnight, but I misjudged how long it would take me. Plus, I swear this eppy has the worst focus. I really don't know why. The lighting is dark as well, so maybe that's a culprit. Anyway, I didn't get done until very late and then spent another hour doing a sort, but I don't think it's final. So they're not fixed yet and I won't be able to get back to them until Wednesday, but they should be ready sometime then.

Flist: I'm missing your birthdays more than I'm hitting them lately. I do apologize. As much as I hate to do it, I think I'll have to quit doing the SPN fanart for your birthday posts. Takes time I don't have. I know it's not fair to all of you and you're used to getting goodies from me, but I hope by just relying on the graphics from some online site, that I'll be able to keep up and post for people's birthdays on time. Maybe once I get my life a little more under control I'll be able to go back to using the fanart pieces.

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